How to Connect With Your Intuition Effortlessly

Our instinct is our in-built superpower. The more sensitive and mindful we are, the more prevailing our insight is. Albert Einstein in one of his famous write ups called the intuitive mind “a sacred gift”. And he went ahead to say that, the rational mind is a reliable servant. We have formed a culture that respects the servant and has been unable to remember the talent.

Consequently, we've cultured ourselves to place a lot of emphasis and control in our rational mind and what we "should" do, the everyday choice or reach outside of ourselves to others for solutions, in specialists, experts, associates, physicians - to what others want or think is right for us, gradually shutting us down from our reality, from our personal inward guidance and from knowing what's best for us.

If we deliberate slow down to observe, our mind has also been feeding us deep-rooted, greatly automated, boring stories of anxiety, uncertainty, lack and restriction, telling us that we're not good enough, or that we'll simply fail, or that it's well late to embark on new project or whatever this inward description is. And once we start paying attention to our mind or what I call the damaging ego - we see the ways in which it obstructed us from hearing the peaceful, loving voice inside that is linked to our spirit, to our intuition. This loud voice in our minds is continuously beating us up.

As soon as we beat ourselves up we are completely hindering our intuitive guidance, the place of our truth.

 Can you recall the last time you judged yourself or you were simply tough on yourself? It might have been after the weekend about the food you ate or even last night when you went to bed and thought about the blunders you’ve made or all the stuffs you were unable to finish that day, perhaps it was this morning as you were getting dressed for work or business meeting. Until we begin to see something, we can't change something. There are several times we don't really see the manner we talk to ourselves and each given time we deliberately or automatically tear ourselves down, we choked our possibilities, we block the natural normal  movement of all the things we desire and as a result we block ourselves from our true reality.

Hear this now, Fear and love can't live together in the same moment, so when we are in the egos harangue we can't hear affection.

Yes! We can’t hear LOVE in the midst of fear.

Understand that we’re living in a world in which we learn a fear-based thought system. That's why we’re not encouraged every time we choose love. Its belief we are going against the grain. We know that there's more than the world has told us was possible. We know we’re worthy of more. We know that the further we change our thoughts and heal our hearts that we change our lives and we change the world around us.

This is not the theory of positivism or even fairy-tale - it's the foundational law that governs the universe.  The law of cause and effect. The more we let love lead, the superior life becomes.
Self-compassion and self-love is basic and mandatory to real growth. It’s not negotiable. We simply have to learn how to be gentle with ourselves and love ourselves despite how many blunders we’ve committed, not minding how many times we fall or fail. We’re under divine obligation to love ourselves despite all of it, or else we'll feel void and trapped in the malicious cycle of self-attack and self-hate.

Anxiety blocks our intuition. Fear doesn't look like something we thought it is - it's not the fear we get from running from a lion. There’s a voice in our head that feeds us stories of what the lion can do. It dwells in the past and future, reminding us of our past mistakes, it tells us we're not good enough, not gifted or clever, that we can't do that or we'll fail if we try that, it keeps us in a tinny box. At times comfortable and self-serving - on the other hand this is the soul's death. So at specific point it hurts and we're pushed out of the nest and need to grow our wings on the way down – occasionally, we smash on the hard rock every now and then we learn to fly fast enough. Whichever way is perfect. I've personally been in all those spots and I'm still alive and better off than I was before, hence I'm here to tell you everything is going to be okay no matter what.

As soon as we are willing to choose love above fear, we connect with our intuitive guidance more effortlessly.
It’s my belief that this little piece of write-up on how to connect with your intuition will be of help to you.  

Eric Anosik
Create Your World Center (CYWC)

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