How to Overcome Doubts That Kill the Deal

In the attempt to figure out what to say -- or what not to say – especially in the presence of many personalities, can cause doubt to crawl into even the most assertive person whether in business or corporate world. 

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a fear which always leads to doubts. But then, how you deal with those doubts decides whether you win the deal and bring home the bacon. 

Business people like you and i can’t afford to allow past failures, personal issues and lack of confidence to become barriers to our success.

Is not as if that you haven't been trying. Possibly you have before now, well thought-out plans for overcoming personal pain and fear. Severally, we all have been told to do what we fear (i.e. to confront our fears), not compare our chapter 2 with somebody else’s chapter 9, and to not let past disappointment stop us. Hitherto you’re still left wondering with a lot of questions like: "Why do I have that tumbling feeling inside?"

 What most self-esteem and branding professionals  who have been involve in coaching and training entrepreneurs discovered as the top two burning fears that cause most entrepreneurs to doubt themselves and lose opportunities are:

(1) Absence of clarity of purpose


(2) Their quest to be liked and to be accepted.

What lies at the center of these doubts? Unsought and unanswered questions.

I believe no one would say, “Please help me. I’m not nice or friendly.” What they say is, “Was that acceptable or satisfactory?” “Is that exactly what you’re searching for?” or “How does that sound?”
Do you understand what I’m saying?


All the above questions echo insecurity and lack of self-confidence. Surely, nobody not even an instructor can say exactly what your truth is. What you can come to appreciate, though, is the route to that truth. Therefore, as you walk that path to higher self-reliance reflect on how you can conquer the following common hurdles.

1. Recognize inner obstacles.
Doubts are a result of past experiences. They come up as appropriate information required for the present moment. Naturally your past isn’t meant to impede success rather its intention is to aid a person to succeed. In several circumstances, the information is of no use. The ability to take critical action originates from learning from the past experience and jumping bravely into the future.

2. Recognize when doubt appears.
Take notice when disbelief shows up and ask yourself the following questions, “Where did it come from? What is it doing here? What is the core reason behind it? And to you, what’s being expected of me that have caused me to begin to doubt my ability to deliver successfully?”

3. Pay attention.
Uneasy talk can destroy the transaction and shake confidence. These days, People are so busy that they don’t have time to listen to unimportant talk. Unceasing chat reveals tenseness and uncertainty. Strive to recognize the prospective customer’s needs and utmost apprehensions and skillfully connect what you do with those needs, then allow the potential client to lead the discussion. Don’t forget that: The one who is listening is the one who’s really in control.

4. Identify your goal and the value of it.
The truth is that sometimes pricing is delicate and for you to ask the client to open up on his or her financial plan may be practically difficult. This can lead the client to withdraw in frustration and start to build unnecessary impressions about you. For this reason, identifying your business goal and its value and how to communicate it is indispensable for success.

5. Recognizing your life’s purpose isn’t always simple.
Lacing together the exact words to communicate what you do and what your clients stand to benefit is just difficult, sometimes, the ambiguity that exists with both can really make one unsettled. Mix-up builds doubt while Clarity raises confidence.

6. You should know what success means.

Achievement is not always signing a contract. A fail deal may just mean the start of a trusted relationship. So, establish clear purpose and under no circumstance should you doubt your ability to be successful.

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