How To Clean Vacuum Cleaner’s Brush For More Efficency

1.   Look under the machine and locate the brush roll. Generally, it will be across the front of the bottom. If it is full of hairs, thread or other debris, it is right time to clean it up.
2.   Remove the bottom plat. This cover may have  clips or latches, or it may have a couple of screws holding it in place. Don’t lose the screws.
3.   Notice the direction that the brush roll goes in. Usually, there will be a belt on one side and a corresponding track or space on the brush roll for the belt. This will help you to identify the direction.
4.   Remove the brush roll. Generally it will pull out of a slot on either end, then slide out from under the belt

5.   Use scissor or just hand as in your fingers to clean the brushes. They don’t need to be spotless, but you should remove any hair or string that wrapped around the brush. Pay special attention to the end near the brings and to the area around where the belt engages. 

A seam ripper ( you can get one at a sewing goods store) works very well to cut the thinnest of hairs and strings wrapped around the brush.

Click here if you need to replace your vacuum brush roll

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