How To Fundamentally Change Your Diet And Exercise Habits To Become A Healthier Person For The Rest Of Your Life.

Are you thinking of living healthy for rest of your life? If yes, then this blog post is for you.
Most people know that the way to stay healthy is to eat right and engage in an appropriate exercise, but many of us struggle to do those things that will help us to feel great, have more energy, and improve our outlook and stabilize our mood.


Old habit die-hard and secondly, lack of knowledge of the stages of habit changing.
Changing habit is a process that involves several stages. Occasionally, it takes a while before changes turn into new habits but there are more benefits in adopting new, better habit.

This article suggestions strategies to help you improve your eating and physical activity habits and outlines four stages people may experience when changing a health behavior.

Whether you feel like change is a world away or just around the corner, this write-up can help you move closer to your healthy eating and physical activity goals.

The initial step in developing your personal plan
for change is to find out how you are feeling
about changing your habits. The stages of change
as discuss blow describes four stages that people may go through when changing a health behavior.

Think about where you are in terms of eating better and exercise. What stage seems to best match where you are right now?

Deliberation Stage
This is the first stage in changing your dieting and exercise habit and at this stage, you are just thinking about change and trying to become more inspired to get started. You might be in this stage if you have been contemplating change but you are not ready to start. You think that your health, energy level, or general well being will improve if you develop new habits. You are not sure how you will conquer the barriers that will stand in the way of your success.

Making the first move from thinking about change to taking action can be really tough. Asking yourself about the benefits and challenges of changing your habits may be helpful.  For instance: How would life be better if you made some changes in dieting? How about the gain of engaging on physical activity or how does healthy eating relate to your state of well being. This knowledge may help you to take action quicker.

Planning (Preparation) Stage
This is the second stage in habit changing-If you are in this stage, you are already considering
taking action.  You are making plans and figuring out exact concepts that will work for you. You might be in this stage if (1) you have decided to make some changes in your diet and exercise habits, and you are really set to take action. (2) you have set some precise targets that you would like to meet. (3) you are getting set to put your idea into action and get started soon.

The easiest way to get started here is to look at your list of pros and cons- what do you stand to gain or lose, if you either act or fail to act. How can you make a plan and move to action stage?
Below, I have listed a few numbers of obstacles you are likely going to face at this stage as you begin to change your habits and possible solution.

-“ I’m too busy”
- “Maintaining healthy habit is too expensive”
- “I can’t make this change alone”
- “I hate physical activity”
- “Sometimes healthy foods are tasteless”
- “I’m not really inspired”
All are “genuine” reasons to back out at this stage-
But wait!
I have an answer-
Solution= Click here to check out Wesley VirginFatDiminisher System- and discover more barriers you may encounter in changing your diet and exercise habits.

Accomplishment Stage
At this stage, you are making true modifications to your lifestyle, which is fantastic.
You are acting on your plan(s) and making the changes you set out to accomplish. You are in this stage if (1) you have been making eating or exercise activity changes in the last 6 months or so. (2) You are adapting to how it feels to eat otherwise or be more active. (3) You have been trying to conquer things that have choked your victory.

To stick with your practices, it will be good to look at how you are doing, how you overcome your setbacks, and reward yourself for your hard work. Ensure you track your progress through a physical activity log or healthy eating journal (Most programs will provide you with this). This can help you recognize your strengths; pinpoint areas where you need to improve, and also to stay on course. You need to keep a record of what you did and how you felt while doing it—because your feelings can play a role in your habits.

Please don’t forget that a slip-up does not mean you have flopped. All of us experience setbacks. Concentrate on each step you take to reach your fitness target.

Maintenance Stage
Now that healthy eating and exercise have become a part of your routine, ensure you keep things interesting, avoid unnecessary slip-ups, and always find means to cope with what life throws at you. Mix up your routine with fresh actions, physical activity buddies, foods, formulas, and rewards. Develop means of handling unforeseen obstacles? Plan upfront to avoid setbacks. For instance, discover other methods of being active in case of bad weather, hurt, or other unusual situations. Device a means of eating healthy when traveling or dining out your home, for instance packing healthy snacks while on a long journey or sharing an entrée with a friend in a restaurant. In case you encounter any impediment, do not give up. Setbacks occur to all. Start up again and concentrate on hitting your target again as soon as you can. Stretch yourself! Reevaluate your goals and think of ways to enlarge them. For instance, if you are now comfortable walking 4 days a week, think of complementing it with muscle training two times a week. If you have narrow your saturated fat consumption, attempt working on your sugars intake, too. Little modifications on your diet and exercise can really result to healthy habits for a better life.

The above points might look little but they are fundamental if you really need to make changes for a healthier life. Read them carefully and try them too!

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