How To Know What Most Men Really Want For Christmas As Gift

Finding the right Christmas gifts for men sometimes can be quite difficult. What makes it even more hard is when you ask most men what they really want for Christmas, you hear things like “I don’t know”, leaving you even more lost than you were before you even asked. You could give money, but it would probably be spent on paying bills. Gift cards? They usually go missing and someone else spends it on themselves (but that’s true- i have had such experience with my husband). 

Knowing what men want, at least as far as women are concerned, is the Holy Grail of romance. Unfortunately, whilst Johnson Hutre may have been able to read the minds of men in the  film 'What men Want', understanding the fairer sex is considerably less straightforward for real women. Indeed, even simple tasks such as buying gifts for him irrespective of whether this refers to a husband, boyfriend or female relative is fraught with danger for the average woman.
It is as if all knowledge of appreciation for the man in question evaporates when the time comes for a woman to choose gifts for him, which will invariably be snapped up at the last moment in an open-all-hours local convenience store. Therefore, windscreen de-icer, Maxim magazine and Haribo are traditional panic buys for the most desperate women. However, life need not be so difficult. Indeed, knowing what guys want when it comes to buying gifts for them is not a task that ladies should trifle themselves with to any great extent. On the contrary, buying gifts for him is relatively simple if a few golden rules are observed carefully. Moreover, these rules are already known to most women, so it is invariably just a simple matter of remembering them. Which of course, is asking too much of the average lady!

In any relationship, whether it is between lovers or family members, a certain level of respect must be paid to the gift recipient's interests. Indeed, a man will often judge the standard of his relationship by the quality of those chosen gifts for him if there is a distinct lack of imagination or interest behind such presents, it is all too easy for parallels to be drawn and this can often spell disaster for relationship. Thus, knowing what men want is not about guessing what gifts they desire it is about knowing who they are.

Here's a little peek at how to know what most men really want as Christmas gift.

Know Who he Is
Be a decent listener and pick up on the slight things he tells you. He loves go-carting. He's always fantasized about parachuting. He's a big admirer of hockey. You want this Christmas gift to be specifically for him, not some generic - great for any guy - kind of gift. This could very easily become the gift he never forgets.

Drop Your Ladylike Wile
Being the flowered, fragrant, powdered and precious beings we tend to be, it can be hard for us to wrap our head around the idea of... oh, let's say a power tool. For most ladies this is the dullest, cloudiest most horrible gift you could ever get. But for some guys, this is really their thing.

Forget about your feelings and tune into his. Avoid anything that might be too fancy or whimsical like candles, scented anything, kitchenware or decorative items. Except, if he has precisely made it clear that he'd like something of this nature, keep away from these items.
The best Christmas gift for a man is one that actually has the man in mind.

Ladies! Do you want to keep him happy or even win him back! Here are a few ideas for you (, that will keep him happy for ages and maybe even he will be so happy as to help with the housework as well- Just click here to see top Christmas gift ideas for men

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