Knowing the rules of gift giving is as important as knowing what to buy. Giving add value in a relationship and in turn builds and refreshed love. 

The rules we have listed below are a bit generic, you should be able to harmonize them with your own circumstance.

 ü  Buy what is presentable and not necessarily what is expensive.
 ü  Buy what can be cherished and not what is perishable.
 ü  Buy what your guy need and not what he wants.
 ü  Buy gift that should be as much a pleasure to give, as it is to receiver.
 ü  Buy what is durable and not what cannot be remember in not      
 ü  Buy to express love and not to impress him or to show off.
 ü  Buy with what you have and don’t borrow to buy.
 ü  Buy what can be noticeable and not what is forgettable.
 ü  Buy the choice of your receiver, not your own choice.
 ü  Buy to actualize a selfless purpose, not a selfish interest.
 ü  Buy a gift that has an attached favorite color of your recipient,  
  not the color you like.
 ü  Think before buying, don’t buy before thinking.
 ü  Buy gifts that promote your receiver’s vision and goals.
 ü  Don’t buy gift to show your receiver that you are wealthier than 
 ü   Buy gift that reflects the appropriate relationship status between      
  you and the recipient.
 ü  The popular saying that “it’s the thought behind the gift that 
  counts” should not be an excuse to give crappy stuff as a gift.
 ü  Buy gift that reflect the season (reason) for the gift.

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