Gift Baskets A Great Way To Celebrate Easter This Year

Easter is such a special time of year. I can recall fond memories of Easters past when my mother and father would hide brightly colored eggs in the yard and send my sisters and I out to find them. What joy we had running around the yard, looking in every nook and cranny for the eggs we had hand decorated together as a family. As I recall, whoever found the most always received a special gift, usually a dollar or two. That was a lot of money to us kids in those days. After the hunt, we would eat dinner together and then my parents would give each of us an Easter basket.

They were smart to make sure we had dinner first, knowing full well that we would never touch our food if we were given the baskets beforehand. I can still recall the happiness we shared, eating our chocolates, jelly beans, marshmallow candies and other sweet treats. I think I always enjoyed digging through the plastic green “grass” the most. It was like discovering gold to dig through the basket and find one of the last few treats which had fallen to the bottom.

Today, I get just as much enjoyment from watching my children having the same fun I had as a child. It’s wonderful to view the next generation enjoying the traditions of the past that still remain so much part of our culture. Today, however, I give Easter gift baskets to my children, my siblings, and close friends every year at this time. They’re wonderful for the kids and the adults all appreciate them as well since, like me, they remember the joy of getting an Easter basket. Easter gift baskets are filled with delectable treats that both children and adults can enjoy.

I order enough for my friends and family and my extended family as well since Easter gift baskets can be shipped anywhere. I find that they make a great gift for kids or for the kid in all of us. This year, I may even order one for myself. I may be older, but I still have a sweet tooth!

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